La Cosa Pop

Based on client initial requirements I started working on the IxD and Art Direction for "La Cosa Pop" Music Radio App. The idea behind the visuals was to communicate a playful experience and easy access to main content / live radio.

Goal: The user needs to be able to have live media coverage and access to full playlists and ondemand songs plus all programs information.

Interaction Design Visual Design Illustration / Animation iOS

Animated logo

I did design changes to the original logo and made a full library of different branding animations.

lacosapop styleframe

App Icon Design (iOS)

lacosapop icon

Basic wireframes (sample)

The following flow is a sample of the core product interactions. More complexity was added later on.

lacosapop wireframing

Visual Design (iOS)

lacosapop mockup lacosapop onboarding lacosapop ui lacosapop ui lacosapop ui

Animated demo

I created an animated demo for the product to communicate the main interactions to the engineering team.

lacosapop ui