Sleep & Go

"Sleep & Go" is an App Concept for a low cost traveller who needs to find a place to sleep in Airports and have handy information during his stay in realtime.

Goal: Sleep & Go should provide accurate information and useful tools to make the stay and rest in these places much more enjoyable for the user.

Interaction Design Visual Design Illustration / Animation iOS
budget traveller

Budget traveller

"We love to discover new cultures and experiences but we don ́t always have the money to a!ord expensive hotels."

Interaction Design

Let ́s not make this so hard!

"Cold architecture, long corridors and lots of people. Would be nice to have a recommendation system to guide us."

Visual Design

Sleeping like a baby

"I ́d like to sleep well but with such a tight budget is complicated to find a hotel, we ́d rather travel more, it would be nice to find good spots on Airports to have a short nap."

Visual Design

Enjoy the experience

"We love to travel, we want to have an ejoyable experience while using the app, with less distractions and simple fuctionalities"

Animated Logo

I made the complete definition of branding and App icon set for the App.

sleepandgo logo

App Icon Design (iOS)

sleepandgo icon

Storyboard (product pitch)

Using storyboards for product pitch presentations is crucial to communicate better the app business value.

sleepandgo story

Basic wireframes (sample)

The following flow is a sample of the core product interactions. More complexity was added later on.


Visual Design (iOS)

sleepandgo onboarding sleepandgo ui1 sleepandgo ui2 sleepandgo ui2
sleepandgo animscreen

Landing Page

sleepandgo landpage01 sleepandgo landpage02 sleepandgo landpage03